57) Tibetan Dzi (TD)

57) Tibetan Dzi (TD)


The word “DZI” means “Heaven’s Bead” (Zee in Tibetan & Tian Zhu in Chinese).
Dzi stones some protect its wearer from negative energies or accidents, some attract wealth or wisdom and some will bring you love and happiness. Dzi got many different patterned, usually material is natural Agate made into oblong, round, cylindrical or tabular shape. Different pattern means different mantra and energy stored in the stone. Some of the example below:-

1) 1 eyed Dzi bead – Brilliance/Merit/Wisdom and bring hope.

2)2 eyed Dzi bead -Harmony/Love/Relationship/Family/Career and Success

3) 3 eyed Dzi bead – Prosperity/Happiness/Honor/Longevity and bring continuous

4) 4 eyed Dzi bead – Overcome negative forces/Clear obstacles/Increase merits and longevity by 4 bodhisattvas: Avalokiteshvara, Manjshri,Kshitigarbha and Samantabhadra.

5) 5 eyed Dzi bead – Wealth Luck – Prosperity, Longevity and success.

6) 6 eyed Dzi bead – 6 realms that is Aggression/Losses/Carelessness/Anger & Quarrelsome/Suffering and Sadness. Help to develop 6 paramitas that is Joyous effort/Ethics/Concentration/Give & love/Wisdom/Determination. Bring Good Luck and Clear bad karma and evil influences.

7) 7 eyed Dzi bead – Increment of 7 human lucks to higher level. Achieve Fame/Glory/Perfection/Career/Wealth/Relationship/Health and Longevity.

8) 8 eyed Dzi bead – Bleassing from 8 Directional Bodhisattvas Manjushri, Vajrapani, Avalokiteshvara, Ksitigarbha, Sarvanivaranaviskambini, Akashagarbha, Maitreya and Samantabhadra. To Pacifying 8 harms that is Misunderstanding/Miscommunication/Carelessness/Misconduct/Depression/Fatigue/Ignorance and Misleading.

9) 9 eyed Dzi bead – Business Leadership and Removal of Obstacles. Nine-fold merits on Charity done. High benefits – Compassion/Glory/Protection /Fame/Dignity/Power/Authority/Control and reputation. High achievements for businesses, career and stability.

10) 10 eyed Dzi bead – Achieve Perfection/Compassion/Personality/Self Improvement/Truth/Kindness/Good wishes & Intentions/Accuracy & clarity leading to success.

11) 11 eyed Dzi bead – The Five Dhyani Buddhas helping to achieve 5 paths and 5 detachments. Strengthen Divine Path, Spiritual Wisdom & Attitude, wisdom and the accumulation of happiness.

12) 12 eyed Dzi bead – Confidence/ Fearless & Confidence/Gallantry/Wisdom/ Reputation/Intellectual/Helpfulness/Appreciated/Consciousness/Clear Speech and feeling.

13) 13 eyed Dzi bead – Mental and body tranquility. Inherit the 5 paths of Dhyani Buddha and 8 auspicious blessing (Blessings/Everlasting fortune/Long – life/ Purification/Awakening/Infinite wisdom/Victory and Success).

14) 15 eyed Dzi bead – Attract 7 precious in life (Mindfulness, Wisdom, Energy, Joy, Tranquility, Concentration and Equanimity) and 8 treasures for human (Correct understanding, View, Speech, Action, Livelihood, Effort and Concentration). Achieve all your wishes.

15) 21 eyed Dzi bead – Enhance meditation level/Holistic healing/ Objective/Ultimate/Self-powered/Self-sufficient/Independent/Intrinscially and Healing power.

16) 5 eyed Thunder and Lightning Dzi bead – 5 directional Wealth Gods (Jambalas) – Accumulate wealth/good luck and material gain/good fortune/fulfill success and wishes. Thunder to expedite rolling in of these wealth.

17) Longevity Treasure Vase “Poh Phing” Dzi bead – Collection of Wealth and Health. Ensure safety, prevent bad luck, improve quality in life and Longevity.

18) Bodhi/Swastika Dzi bead – Remove Obstacles, Enlightment and cultivate compassion.

19) Fortune Wave Dzi bead – Increase wealth and constant stream of good fortune.

20) Tiger-tooth Dzi bead – Defeat competitor, Open opportunity, Confidence, Mental strength, High protection and removes obstacles.

21) Dragon Eye Dzi bead – The 6 syllable mantra wisdom. The creation of happiness, merit and wealth. Kind of Dzi that 3rd eye increase awareness.

22) Money and Luck Hook Dzi bead – To attract strong wealth and money. Ability to retain it.

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